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New Mexico State University

Student Services

The PRIMOS grant will help students:

Transfer from DACC to NMSU with improved advising

A transfer advisor will help you make an easy transfer from DACC to NMSU. The advisor will make sure the classes you take at DACC will count towards an NMSU degree.

DACC Transition (Transfer) Advising
NMSU Cross Campus Advising

Refresh their math knowledge with a refresher course

This course is designed to help you score higher on your math placement exam, so you test into an appropriate math class, letting you finish your degree faster.

Pass their gateway courses with Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Sometimes students need extra help in gateway courses – courses with high fail rates that are needed to continue in your major. PRIMOS will provide you with a supplemental instruction course to help you pass these tough but important classes.

Support each other in learning communities

PRIMOS students will meet weekly in a community environment to connect with other STEM students and talk about coursework and issues.

Receive early academic intervention

If you get into trouble with your grades, your instructor will refer you for extra tutoring and special advising. Your STEM coach and SI Facilitator will then contact you to help you develop a personalized plan for your success.

Access tutoring services

In addition to the face-to-face tutoring being offered by the Center for Academic Success, PRIMOS will be providing you online tutoring.

Online Tutoring

Find online STEM resources

PRIMOS will provide you STEM resources online on topics that faculty and students have found challenging.

Pay for their education

As a STEM senior or graduate student, PRIMOS will offer you not only work opportunities but also a Student STEM Award each year to an outstanding Hispanic and other low-income student in a STEM field.

Figure out Financial Aid

PRIMOS will help you learn how to get money for college, keep it, and cover expenses at orientation, in weekly community groups, and in seminars.

Red to Green Money Management Program