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New Mexico State University

STEM Award of Excellence Recipient

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Sebastian Sanchez (right) with nominating mentors, Dr. Daniel Ramras (left).

Sebastian (Mychael) Sanchez

Major: Mathematics
Nominating mentors: Dr. Douglas Kurtz, Dr. David Pengelley, and Dr. Daniel Ramras

According to mentor, Daniel Ramras, Sebastian Mychael "may be the most promising undergraduate [he has] seen in [his] classes in 25 years in terms of becoming a research mathematician," adding that "he has an impressive ability to pick up on new concepts quickly." This being said of Sanchez, his goals of being awarded a British Marshall Scholarship and getting a chance to study at the University of Cambridge or the University of Warwick for his master's degree seems feasible.

The STEM Award helped Sanchez by freeing up some of the time he spent on non-academic work, so that he could do more research and prepare for for his graduate school applications. Since Sanchez's current research is in a very specific field of mathematics (homomorphism complexes of graphs), he spends a lot of time researching graduate schools trying to find faculty members who specialize in his research interests.

‹‹ Press Release