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New Mexico State University

STEM Award of Excellence Recipient

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José Martinez (right) with nominating mentor,Dr. Lorenz Hughes (left).
José Martinez (right) with nominating mentor, Dr. Lorenz Hughes (left).

Jose Martinez

Major: Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Nominating mentor: Dr. Lorenz Hughes

Some students get agitated when it takes them more than five minutes to find a parking spot, or when they get caught at a light, thus making their trek from their apartment three blocks from campus nine minutes, instead of seven, but not Jose Martinez. Everyday the NMSU electrical engineering and mathematics junior commutes nearly an hour each way just to get that much closer to his goal of obtaining his double bachelor's from NMSU, and then continuing on to earn a Master's degree and PhD in a communication systems, or sub-discipline of electrical engineering. The commute alone has been financial taxing on Martinez, but the STEM Award has been able to "dissuade the financial worries that come with school."

After five semesters in two rigorous programs, Martinez has maintained a 3.9 GPA and has earned a status as being one the top students in all of his classes. Dr. Giorgi, Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences notes that "Jose's performance is at the top of the class, showing that he has mastered all the mathematical techniques needed to excel as an engineering major."

Martinez has been described by the mathematics instructors as being "incredibly polite in all interactions, [having] a great work ethic, and [displaying] a genuine drive to excel in his studies." His nominating faculty member, Dr. Lorenz Hughes, is "quite confident that he is very likely to go on to achieve a Ph.D., given his high ability, vision, and determination."

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