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New Mexico State University

STEM Award of Excellence Recipient

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From left to right: Edward Enriquez, Wiebke Boeing, Stacy Aguayo
Stacey Aguayo (right) with nominating mentor, Wiebke Boeing (middle), and fellow STEM Award winner, Edward Enriquez (left).

Stacey K. Aguayo

Major: Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology
Nominating Mentor: Dr. Wiebke Boeing

Stacey K. Aguayo is both a first generation US citizen and a first generation college student. She is currently working on her degree in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology. She is a Crimson scholar and active member of o the Phi Beta Gamma honor society. Her mentor, Wiebke Boeing attests to Stacey's talents describing her as "well organized, motivated, energetic and driven." Wiebke believes Stacey is capable of achieving ‘whatever she sets her mind to" and actively encourages her to pursue grad school.

In the summer, Stacey devotes her "entire summer to the unforgiving sun along with the merciless smoke and flames, as a wildland fire fighter" where she may work up to 224 hours in a two week period. Despite the long hours, Stacey still struggles to pay for college. As a transfer student from Arizona, she does not qualify for the Lottery Scholarship. In addition to working, she has had to take out loans to cover the cost of school.

The STEM Award of Excellence has positively impacted both Stacey's finances and academics allowing her to "focus more on my studies, which allowed me to excel during this semester" and helped her "handle many obstacles that faced me this semester (car troubles, gas crisis, etc) and still have a little extra to pay off student loans."

Stacy will graduate in Spring 2011. After graduation, she plans continue contributing to the greater good through volunteering with the Peace Corps. Stacey writes that she hopes to "utilize my degree to assist those who are enduring greater struggles than any I have ever encountered."

‹‹ Press Release